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Optimizing Industrial Safety and Traffic Flow: The EZSecur Approach
July 19, 2022
Safety at PLANCHERS MERCIER, it’s serious! And EZSecur is proud to have participated!
July 19, 2022

In the realm of industrial safety, few stories are as compelling as the transformation of a modest 1980 workshop into a beacon of factory finished flooring excellence. This journey, spearheaded by Mr. Marcel Mercier, encapsulates the blend of innovation, commitment, and a deep-seated emphasis on workplace safety. The Drummond plant, renowned for its state-of-the-art equipment and advanced automation, stands testament to this evolution. Here, workplace safety isn't just a protocol; it's a cornerstone of their operational ethos.

Innovative Approach to Safety The plant's commitment to safety took a significant leap forward with the initiation of their lockout program. This crucial step underscores their dedication to creating a safe work environment. Lockout programs are essential in industrial settings, preventing accidental machine start-ups during maintenance, thereby safeguarding workers.

Partnership with EZSecur The collaboration with EZSecur, a name synonymous with specialized safety solutions, was a pivotal moment in this safety journey. EZSecur's expertise in lockout cabinets provided the plant with customized solutions tailored to their unique needs. This partnership was not just about compliance, but about setting new standards in industrial safety.

Customized Lockout Cabinet Solutions The lockout cabinets designed by EZSecur were nothing short of revolutionary. They catered to the plant's specific demands, including:

  • Dustproof cabinets ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Transparent fronts for easy visibility of contents.
  • Ample space for multiple large padlocks, accommodating various lock sets.
  • Integrated storage for barcode lock cards and instructional booklets.
  • Varied storage solutions and clear cabinet identification for ease of use.

Ergonomics and User-Friendly Design The ergonomic design of these cabinets played a crucial role. Ergonomics in safety equipment is vital, as it ensures ease of use and accessibility, crucial during emergency situations. These cabinets were not just safety devices; they were a testament to the plant’s commitment to employee well-being and operational efficiency.

The journey of Mr. Marcel Mercier's workshop to an industry-leading powerhouse in factory finished flooring is not just about technological advancement, but also about a steadfast commitment to worker safety. The partnership with EZSecur and the implementation of customized lockout solutions exemplify this commitment. The plant's story is a beacon for others in the industry, showcasing the significant impact of prioritizing safety and ergonomics in the workplace. For personalized support in industrial safety products and expert advice in signage and workplace safety, turn to EZSecur. Discover more at

Izimage designed and produced a model and a prototype. When this was fine-tuned and approved, Izimage was able to deliver all the cabinets to be deployed within a tight deadline and sharpened budget.

Mercier had still some way to go along their lockout program: fine-tuning processes, employees training and finally cabinets and equipment deployment.

What a great achievement for the Izimage team, always eager to innovate!